Friday, March 1, 2019

What is the secret of article 370 ?

Want to know how Nehru screwed all Indians?

*Article 370 of our Constitution:-* 
                                                                                   If you see the contents of Art 370, we know why many people are against it.

Subject: Nehru's bitter gift to all Indians...

What is Article 370? Every Indian must know.

● Jammu - Kashmir's citizens have dual citizenship.
● Jammu - Kashmir's national flag is different.
Jammu - Kashmir' Legislative Assembly's term is 6 years.
Whereas its 5 years for the States of India
● In Jammu - Kashmir it’s not a crime to insult India's national flag or the national Symbols!
● The order of the Supreme Court of India is not valid in Jammu - Kashmir.
● Parliament of India may make laws in extremely limited areas in terms of
Jammu - Kashmir.
● In Jammu-Kashmir,
If a Kashmiri woman marries a person of any other state of India, Kashmiri citizenship to that female ends!

In contrast if a Kashmiri woman marries a person from Pakistan that person will get citizenship of Jammu - Kashmir.
● Because of Article 370
RTI does not apply in Kashmir.
RTE is not implemented
CAG does not apply...
Indian laws are not applicable.
● Sharia law is applicable to women in Kashmir.
There are no rights to panchayats in Kashmir.

Minorities in Kashmir [Hindus and Sikhs] do not get 16% reservation.
● Due to Article 370
Indians in other states cannot buy or own land in Kashmir.
● Because of Article 370 Pakistanis gets Indian citizenship for which they
only need to marry a girl from Kashmir.
● It’s a good start to remove Article 370.
At least one step has been taken further.
The new government has already raised this issue.!!
Now if someone wants to say something about these secular facts then they
are welcome.!

Article 370 has to be removed.

If you agree, please forward this message and spread awareness of the need for scrapping Article 370.

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